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Having all the legal aspects of a foreign buyer protected is essential during the real estate transaction, but a traditional lawyer may not always be the best choice.

Legal AdviceMaking a smart and safe investment in a property along the Costa del Sol, or anywhere in the world, is achieved by being fully informed of the legal situations that surround the property buying process in Spain. As with every country, every region and every city, there are strange legal issues which may arise and could significantly affect your decisions making process. This is definitely the case in Andalucia because depending in which area of the Costa del Sol you choose to invest in, depends on which townhall regulations apply.

With years of experience in the Costa del Sol property sector, we are fully aware of the legal changes that the townhall’s may make and how they can affect a specific location.

Having the legal aspects and interests of the foreign buyer protected is essential during the as real estate transaction, but a traditional lawyer is not always the best option as this type of transactions do not form part of their everyday work. In Spain, the “seller’s” real estate agent normally prepares all the legal documents for the property purchase, even though the majority are not qualified to do this.

Below are some of the main subjects a legal service should cover:

  • Zoning and Planning Permission: Making sure the potential property does not fall into any townhall re-zoning program or will not be eligible for planning permissions.
  • Legal AdviceDocumentation Review: An in-depth review of all documentation related to the property and a check for any legal discrepancies.
  • Legal Status: Conducting various inquiries to check the legal status of the potential property from possible embargos, debts, unpaid fiscal amounts, etc.
  • Preparation of Contracts: The drawing up and approval of different agreements that are to be signed in order to conclude the property purchase. (Including the Title Deeds)
  • Legal Advice: General advice regarding legal issues such as inheritance, property registration, taxes, etc.
  • Official Certification: A detailed list together with the results of all official inquiries that were made over the potential property.

With an abundance of lawyers to choose from on the Costa del Sol, P.S.I.’s preferred lawyer will issue an official document certifying that the purchase transaction has been completed correctly and all aspects mentioned above have been met.

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