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Our Standard Terms and Conditions, Additional Costs and Service Fees

Our bespoke services and properties listed on our web page do not included any additional fees and all plots of land prices are subject to change.

Visiting plots of land does not require a registration fee, but all our property services that are offered on our web page are subject to varying prices.

FeesOur Fees:

  1. Our complete Property Search Service includes all aspects of the purchase process from the market research, the handling and management of all formalities right up to and including the final registration of the property. We charge a flat fee* of 2.5% of the net property value or a minimum fee of 3,000€ + IVA.
  2. A Homebuyers Report, also known as a Survey Report starts from 600€ + IVA.
  3. A Snagging Inspection or New Build Snag List service starts from 350€ + IVA with a “follow up” service to check if all the snags have been fixed starting from 250€ + IVA.
  4. If you require a Valuation Report, prices vary depending on the property type but for more information please contact us.

Additional Costs:

* There is a registration fee of 450€ when contraction our Property Search Service and this amount is charged before the start of the property tour. This amount is deductible from our final fee that is based on the net property value. This fee also allows for the client to have up to 3 property tours during a 6 months period that starts from the date of the registration fee.

** All lawyer fees are in addition to the services that P.S.I provides.

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