Costa del Sol's Property Specialists

Mission Statement

Mission StatementAs foreigners living on the Costa del Sol, we have first-hand experience of the difficulty posed to non Spanish buyers wanting to successfully invest into the Costa del Sol property market, but at the same time avoid many of the risks involved during the process. Since 2003, P.S.I - Properties, Surveys and Inspections has been doing just that for many private individuals looking to invest or families looking to relocate to the Costa del Sol.

Our mission statement is a promise to ensure success for both our clients and our company in everything we do from purchasing a plot of land along the Costa del Sol, to reforming an existing property or buying a new home. We view our clients with a long-term approach and believe that they deserve a bespoke service that caters to their special needs in terms of language, intimate knowledge of the Costa del Sol property market and local customs and norms for doing property deals along the coast.

Unlike every other real estate and property agents on the Costa del Sol who are focused on their own interest - signing fast and getting paid by the seller - we are dedicated to the buyers’ interests and their needs, not ours.

We provide a first class service and we are serious about meeting the needs of our discerning clients. We believe in evolution and this why we have created our unique services to help our clients make an informed decision when investing into a foreign country.

We pride ourselves in being leading innovators in the Costa del Sol property sector.