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With the down turn in the property market, together with the recession, both the Malaga and Fuengirola town halls have made a bold move in removing the requirement for an opening licence on many local businesses in an effort to stimulate the economy. With the new requirements in force and covering a wide range of commercial activities, areas of catering, sport, leisure and culture have been omitted and these businesses must still fulfil the requirement of an opening licence.

Normally, local businesses had to obtain an opening licence from the town hall before trading could begin. This process would normally cost anything up to 300 Euros and take a long time to process, thus halting new local businesses from opening and offering new jobs to the communities.

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After many years of waiting the new Marbella PGOU Urban Plan was finally approved on Friday, 29th January 2010 by COTUA, the Andalucia Territorial Planning Commission.

Even though exceptions have had to be made in order to pass the new PGOU, the fact remains that there will never be a better time to buy land in and around Marbella or have the most choice of available plots of land that have now become legal under the new PGOU Urban Plan. With building regulations and order being brought back to Marbella, prospective buyers can now finally buy with confidence and knowledge, plots of land in Marbella whereby all information of what can be developed, what is the zoning, and is it legal can be all known upfront.

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