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Snagging Inspection, Snag Reports and New Build Snag Lists

It is essential that when you buy an off-plan, new build apartment or villa that you have an independent Snagging Inspection carried out on your behalf.

Snagging InspectionThis needs to be done in order to check that the final finished state of the property has been completed to an acceptable standard and that the developer has met all the required specifications. It is important to remember that the construction company is not obliged to inform you of any defects that the property might have, but the Developer and Promoter are obligated to finish off all defects / snags supplied to them by the Snagging Inspection or Snag List.

We always suggest that the Snag List should be completed by us before signing the Title Deeds and taking ownership of the property, but in many cases this is not possible. Should this be the case, then you have a maximum of 15 days after signing at the Notary to carry out the Snagging Inspection together with a representative from the Developer. Once the Snag List has been completed, the builder has 28 days in which to repair all the defects (final payment should not be made until the defects are resolved), after this period of time the builder then can repair the defects at their leisure. If the final signing is being carried out by someone else with the power of attorney, its always best to have the property inspected in detail by an independent professional and faults and omissions formally recorded. Also there is a government regulation that all new build properties must come with a 10 year builders warranty against any structural defects. Please bear in mind that if a snag is discovered later, it can be more difficult to get things replaced/repaired.

It is important to remember that we work for you and our only concern is that when you take the final ownership of your new property, that it is completed to the best possible quality. We know what we looking for when it comes to checking for "snags" and our report gives you the knowledge that everything has been professionally checked and nothing has been missed. If you do find any flaw/defect after the sale has been agreed, then click here to Read more on Finding Defects.

Snagging InspectionThe Snag List that we produce is a written report in English/Spanish, highlighting all visible defects in a concise, easy to read colour-coded format together with photographs. Each snag, where possible, is marked with a red dot that allows the builder to locate the snag with ease and of course to show you the Client, what we have found. This will give you a clear understanding of what “snags” need to be fixed before you take that final ownership.

Once the report has been completed on your behalf, it is then sent to you or the respective parties that are representing you, we suggest the Developer or Lawyer. We will also send electronic copies of the report to whom ever you think it is necessary too. Our fee for this service starts from 350€ + IVA (21%).

If you are unable or wish for us to follow up on the Developers and to make sure the Builder has completed the “snags” that you put forward to them, we can do this with the greatest of pleasure. Our fee for this service starts from 250€ + IVA (21%).

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