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The Builder and The Architect

Building PlotIf you can arrange a credit check on the builder it could save you much heartache in the future. Regrettably a minority of builders has created an unfortunate reputation for the building trade in general; a few have been known to declare bankruptcy half way through a job.

Stage payments should be controlled according to a schedule laid down in the building contract. Under no circumstances should the builder be allowed to be ahead on payment. At various stages in the building, his work will be inspected, if it is up to standard then payment for work completed is authorised. It's worth establishing the total number of men employed by the builder in his business. A one man and his dog operation could take a very long time to finish the job!

Ensure that the building contract is drawn up by someone other than the builder and is as comprehensive as possible. Builders have an irritating habit of adding extras, as the work progresses. Beware an additional wall, a modified window, an extra archway or a new architectural feature will be regarded as an extra and is likely to be expensive!

Time Scales for Building

Generally speaking from the time the site is cleared ready for laying out the foundations an average sized house (250m² - 350m²) should be completed within eight to 10 months. Having said that there are other bureaucratic factors, which could delay the project.

Building Licences and Planning permissions can sometimes take an extraordinarily long time to complete. This can be due to a number of factors depending whether you are building on Rustic land (outline planning permission from the government department can take six months or more) or Urban land (anything from two to six months, depending on the Town Hall.)

Sometimes, if you are lucky your builder or architect will have a colleague or friend in the appropriate department and sometimes this can help speed things up!

Architect and the Professional Team

Building PlotChoose your architect carefully and ensure he works for you. Often architects are retained by builders, either in house or independently. For your own security it is very important that your architect has your interests and your interests only in mind. The builder should follow the architect's plans and directions to the letter.

The architect is one of the key people to be involved in your project. He should be available to discuss every detail of your plan, several meetings may be necessary before the project is finalised and the plans produced. Language can sometimes prove to be a problem; if your architect can speak your language this is a great advantage.

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