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The Building Plot

Insist the seller shows you a copy of the Escritura (Title Deeds). This Notarised document will describe the land and its boundaries. Be aware as this is most important simply because if the owner's name is on the Escritura it does not necessarily mean that they own the land. Every time a property is bought and sold a new Escritura is created and it is very important before entering into any agreement to purchase land, to ensure it is free from fines, charges or other encumbrances.

For a very small fee you can obtain on-line details of any embargo's mortgages etc. listed against the land in question.

More Investigation PointsBuilding Plots

Existing rights of way, availability of services, e.g. Water, electricity, telephone, sewerage, etc.

Are there any outstanding taxes to be paid?

Is the land suitable to construct the building you have in mind?

Orientation, North-facing property may prove to have a lack of sunshine. (Especially Winter)

Is the land flat and suitable for building?

If the land inclines, e.g. situated on the side of a hill what will be the cost of building additional reinforced supporting walls?

Are views likely to be blocked by future building?

Are you allowed to remove trees on the plot?

The Spanish Town Hall's

Visit the Technical department, ask to see the general plan (P.G.O.U) and enquire if the land in question is categorized as building land, urban or rustic and is not classified Restricted or Protected?

Discuss your plans and ideas with the technical surveyor. Are you allowed the external features you want and will a project based on your sketch or layout be accepted? Read more about the P.G.O.U.

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