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The Budget and Build Quality

The budget of course is very important; you need to know exactly what your commitment is and what you can afford to spend. You may need a mortgage, interest rates are currently increasing and the local Banks are not so keen for business. Make sure you have sufficient funds available to complete the job, and allow a bit more for unforeseen extras.

Land prices vary considerably as can be seen when browsing the land registry. It is important therefore you choose an affordable plot.

Building costs on the other hand do not tend to vary quite so much; the price quoted by a builder generally reflects the standard of the finish.

Property Build Quality

The following table may serve as a general guide:

Basic Quality:
900.00 per m² (No frills, inexpensive wall and floor tiles basic sanitary ware.)

Standard Quality:
975.00 per m² (Wall and floor tiles to max cost of 15.00 m², regular pine carpentry, basic kitchen.)

Superior Quality:
1080.00 per m² (Air conditioning/heating, double glazed windows, quality carpentry. Wall and ceramic floor tiles to 20.00 m², good quality sanitary ware.)

Top Quality:
1300.00 per m² (As for Superior quality but may include natural stone work, marble floors, employing special skills and imported fittings.)

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