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The Costa del Sol's Only "Buyers" Agency

P.S.I - Properties, Surveys and Inspections is a local property professional agency that has been based on the Costa del Sol since 2003 and who has made a niche market in successfully helping international buyers invest into the Costa del Sol property market from plots of land to luxury villas and apartments. With over 10 years of experience in the Costa del Sol property sector and 40 years of international building and land knowledge, we have an intimate understanding of the real estate market from its risks to its opportunities. Learn more about us.
Aimed solely at the foreigners who are looking to purchase or who have purchased residential property along the Costa del Sol, we have been used by countless private investors and families who want a high quality, yet cost-effective service which is typical of most Northern European countries. No matter why our clients have chosen the Costa del Sol, be it for investment or relocation purposes, we are there every step of the way to ensure our clients make the best possible investment, in the most secure way, into Costa del Sol property market
Known for our attention to detail, high-quality professional service and flexibility, we have structured varying property services that are bespoke to each individual client. We offer a complete property solution to suit your needs from our unique property search service, to property purchase and through to negotiations and contract stage. In addition, we can provide legal advice as well as a current understanding of the economic situation on the Costa del Sol. If a property reform is necessary we can provide full project management and coordination service. We also provide a survey and snagging service for a wide range of properties in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

What are the Benefits

Our clients did not only choose to use our services for our property and land expertise but also because of the benefits that were on offer. Here are just some of the key benefits:

U.K qualified and registered members of C.I.O.B (Chartered Institute of Building).

Over 16 years of buying and selling land and residential properties along the Costa del Sol.

Complete understanding of buying, selling, contract negotiations, town hall requirements, project management, and coordination along the Costa del Sol.

Our unique property services and knowledge of the coast saves you time, stress and money.

We work for you! Unlike other property agents who work for the seller who pays their commission.

Buying land and property on the Costa del Sol can be risky, but by using our services we eliminate this risk!

Our bespoke property services adhere to strict rules and regulations as laid down by the respective colleges.

We save you money! By using our services and property experience, you only pay the right price!

Check out our Buying Guide for Spanish Property.

It is important to understand that local real estate and property agents generally work for the seller, as their commission or fee will be covered by them and this is why it is essential you have an independent property professional working on your behalf. In standard property practices around the world, the buyer’s needs are not protected during the purchasing process, but by using our bespoke services we become the buyers “agent”, ensuring the interests of the buyer are covered.

Below are a few benefits of having us as your independent property professional:

Property Selection: Any real estate agent you deal with along the coast will try and sell you whatever properties and plots of land that they have on their portfolio. This is very time consuming and could turn out to be more expensive in the future. We are different because we only show you plots or properties that fit your requirements and comply with the town halls regulations. We do not waste your time in tempting you to buy a “cheaper” property or a more expensive one without justification.

The Legal Side: In Spain, it is the real estate agent that does most of the legal work and not a local lawyer. In addition to having a local lawyer by your side, which does not always guarantee against “complications”, we provide a comprehensive legal understanding from the purchase phase right through to the handover stage. Any “surprises” can be costly and it is not unheard of to hear foreigners spending large sums of money in court procedures because they did not have an independent property professional by their side from the beginning.

Understanding How the System Works: Local real estate agents like to use the “Arras” agreement to help “secure” a property if you have shown interest after a viewing. Most foreign buyers do not understand that the “Arras” is a risky way of buying on the Costa del Sol. By signing the “Arras”, you will be asked to pay a 10% deposit of the asking price, but this agreement has a clause that obliges the buyer and seller to complete the property purchase by the due date. If at any stage you pull out of the “Arras” you will lose your deposit, but if you continue through the handover you would have bought a property that you know very little about and you will have to put your trust in the real estate agent who “works” on behalf of the seller. This “Arras agreement” is just one example of the pitfalls of buying on the Costa del Sol without the aid of an independent property professional. We make sure that you do not sign any document that does not protect your interests and does not have an exit clause. In addition, we conduct our own investigations to find any possible irregularities with the plot or property.

Typical Searching Process For Costa Del Sol Property

Thanks to the “property boom” there are literally hundreds of small real estate agencies along the Costa del Sol that offer a minimal selection of plots, villas, and apartments for sale. Searching for a property asset within your requirements and budget in this way will be a time consuming and drawn out process which leads to buyers choosing from a limited list of possible options. We take the hassle out of finding “possible options” and will present you with a varying listing of plots or properties that match your requirements and price. Having been working in the Costa del Sol property market since 2003, we are well known by most of the local real estate agencies and therefore have access to information that most buyers do not.

Save Money

It is not unusual to find a plot of land or property in various publications, real estate agencies and websites for a different price. In some cases, these prices can vary anywhere between 10%-20%, which makes a significant difference to the final price. We conduct a detailed search to find these types of situations and ensure that only the cheapest seller is contacted.

Negotiating the price is common practice in Spain, but the rules are very different to Northern Europe and most parts of the world. With our intimate local knowledge and expertise in price negotiation, we can reduce the final price significantly.

By using a property professional, you are assured in avoiding any pitfalls as well as maximizing your profits from your Costa del Sol property.

Return On Your Investment

Every one of our clients wants a potentially high return on their investment and we can help with this:

By focusing on plots of land or property in up-and-coming areas and locations with high demand.

By finding areas with strong infrastructures and public facilities.

By searching for new building or properties needing reforms in popular neighbourhoods.

Costa Del Sol’s Property Specialists - Our Turn-Key Service

Whether your preferred choice is to buy a plot of land, reform an existing property or purchase a new Costa del Sol property, we will be by your side every step of the way. We can advise on plot sizes, what build percentage is allowed, orientation, Townhall requirements, cost per square meter or which location along the Costa del Sol suits you best.

No matter how big or small, our bespoke property services can cater to all your needs and give you the peace of mind of having local knowledge and a property professional you can trust.